Baracuda Tracker



The Baracuda Tracker™ is a turbine-driven mechanical pool suction cleaner.

It’s compact in size yet demonstrates an ultra powerful and efficient clean. The maneuverability of the Tracker™ enables it to reverse in and out of tight corners where traditional disc cleaners may become stuck. The Tracker™ simply connects to the skimmer box similarly to other suction pool cleaners.

  • Cleans floor and walls without losing suction power
  • Ideal for collecting smaller debris and leaves
  • Reversing assembly so cleaner can reverse out of tight corners and does not get stuck!
  • Hydra turbine engine: Ultra efficient operation on low-flow without compromising on power
  • Packed with 10 x 1m Twist & Lock hose lengths to suit all pools up to 10m x 5m. Additional lengths available if required on purchase.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • 2 years warranty, except tracks (1 year warranty only)