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The Baracuda automatic swimming pool cleaner was invented in 1976 by Helmut Hofman. Baracuda was one of the very first automatic pool cleaners. In the early 1980’s Baracuda was launched with brand new Diaphragm Technology, differentiating itself from its competitors. Baracuda invented the Diaphragm technology which is still used today in majority of Disc Suction pool cleaners. The success of the Diaphragm is due to its quieter operation and better maneuverability. In 1986 a local Australian began importing and selling Baracuda in Australia out of an Office in French’s Forest NSW. Finally in 1996 Zodiac South Africa acquired the global Baracuda Business. Today Baracuda is a brand within Zodiac Pool Systems Inc and activity within the Australian Market. Baracuda is backed by Zodiacs manufacturing facilities, quality assurance and after sales support. For more information on Zodiac Group Australia visit

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