Shock Treatments

Shocking your pool is key to ridding your pool of organic and inorganic wastes such as body lotion and oils, sweat, urine, and other contaminants brought in by rain, wind and even fresh water. By shocking your pool at least once a month during winter and weekly or bi-weekly during summer (depending on weather conditions), you are effectively helping the sanitiser chlorines that you add on a more regular basis to actually concentrate on killing bacteria and algae rather than fighting the contaminants.

By testing your pool water weekly with BARACUDA® 6in1 SMART DOSE™ Test Strips, you can find out how much shock treatment your pool requires. BARACUDA® Xtreme Shock is one of the 7 SMART DOSE™ chemicals and is ideal for shocking your pool.


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*Baracuda Pool & Spa Chemicals not available at Bunnings Warehouse. 

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Showing all 2 results